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A complete survey on 2D Barcodes reading performances on mobile

Ubleam 01/04/2013

Ubleam has recently published a deep evaluation of the most popular QR Code readers and 2D code technologies on mobile. This comprehensive study also presents all barcodes existing in the world with a detailed description of the QR code standard, Microsoft Tag and Bleam.

The experiments were conducted on 16 code readers evaluated according to the following factors:

  • The distance between the camera and the mobile code,
  • The relative angle between the camera and the mobile code,
  • The level of graphic customization,
  • The level of miniaturization,
  • The impact of the mobile platform.

This article focuses on the important points, but if you want the details of the methodology and results, we advise you to access the full study.

Performances of QR code readers are uneven

You just generate a QR code, you print it with a size of 4cm and test it on your QR code reader to 40cm away. It works! But will it be read by all QR code readers? Not so sure.

Firstly, the study shows the maximum distance from reading a front view QR code varies by a factor of four from one application to another. I-nigma seems to be the best reader while in terms of performance consistency across variants of QR codes (simple, logo or customised transparent) and of scanning platform, QuickMark achieves the best results.

Another important factor: huge vision angle impacts on reading capability. Some applications can not tolerate 45 ° reading. The most powerful perspective readers are unfortunately not the most common. Be careful to the QR code position on support particularly for outdoor display ad.

Overall, the Ubleam reader results are worthy of the best simple QR code readers and far exceeds the most popular readers. The bleam code can be scanned bias and 4 times farther than most other readers.

barcode readers comparison

Figure 25 – Comparison of 6 indicators for the two most popular QR code readers and the Bleam reader on Android.

Customization degrades scan performances

In general, customization level of QR code has a great influence on the performance capabilities of all readers. If a QR code is customised (even with a simple logo), many readers are no longer able to read the tags with a 45 °angle. On twelve Iphone 4S applications, eleven read transparent customized Qr code to face and only 7% at 45 ° still approaching.

On the other hand, the customization degree has no impact on scan performances bleam reader (this is explained by its format designed for this). However, a 4cm 2D code leaves a 8mm wide for customizing against bleam 2.3 cm for the same size > Infographic.

The bleam for small packaging

Moreover, we must choose for QR code between customisation and miniaturization. A QR code with logo or transparency integration must have an average size three times higher than a bleam.

Figure 20 – Smallest readable tag on an Apple iPhone 4S (the lower, the better).

Figure 20 – Smallest readable tag on an Apple iPhone 4S (the lower, the better).

And then? Do we stop QR code?

Certainly not! The QR code has many resources including direct storage of information (contact data in VCF format, a Wifi key, …) But we have to be realistic in that the slightest graphical degradation or implementation gap (resolution , size, color) can ever deprive you of  a large mobile audience. In order to be read at a distance of 20cm by all the readers, a QR code (even including a small logo) must be at least 4cm wide.

Conversely, when using the bleam you choose a homogeneous ecosystem since Ubleam develops and provides generating and reading tools consistent with the bleam standard. The bleam has been designed to be robust and customizable without any degradation of  customer experience. And soon, Ubleam tools will be compatible with the QR code…

Get the abstract and the complete survey

Accéder à une présentation de l’étude en français


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