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The successful augmented packaging by Extel

Ubleam 07/03/2013

Innovator in the sector of automatic gates and video entry systems, especially with its LOONA range with a design elaborated for women, Extel has been one of the pioneers in the use of the bleam. Its objective: give a digital dimension to its packaging to strengthen the dialogue with the customers.

Bleam de la Brochure Extel

The device

Extel uses the bleam to improve customer information directly on the packaging. For each of its three ranges (entry system, gate automatism and telesurveillance), a branded Extel bleam has been integrated on the packaging and brochures for DIY superstore customers.

The campaign began in April 2012. To facilitate the scan the bleam has been integrated on the front of the packaging to avoid too many handlings.  To accompany the uninitiated an informative text block gives the main instructions to follow. By flashing the bleam, the customers have access to all the ranges of products, informations, product file card, instructions but more importantly presentation and product installation videos on Youtube. The content has been made to measure and answers well to the mobility issues.

Brochure Extel - bleam


According to Jean Pascal Gisquet, Extel marketing and purchase director, this device has immediate impacts:

An increase of our brand image, clearly. We are today « at the cutting edge » and we especially offer a complementary service to our clients. The presentation and installation videos on our Youtube channel are from now on well knowed and appreciated by our clients since they easily have access to it by scanning this famous sticker (bleam). The feedbacks were very positive. In fact, it was even a demand from our clients for some time, to have access to that kind of service. (see the complete interview).

Bleam Extel

To go further in the analysis, Extel used the tracking platform Bleam Manager to follow in real-time the deployment of its packaging through the scans. Beyond the quantitative aspects (630 scans end of Decembre 2012), the tracking tool shows a different seasonality between the products (holidays effect on the DIY product and reverse on the technological products). The technological products mainly aimed at smartphones owners and geeks were scanned twice more than other products.

The second point concerns the related content. The catalog, adapted to mobile format, represents a rich in content. Nevertheless it is better to target one information at once to not lose the customer. The bleam can lead to a product file card (the scanned product). It can also presents accessories related to the product which are not sold in the DIY superstores. Thus, the device increases the basket of the customer through the e-commerce website (store-to-web). A rich content, such as the interactive catalog will rather intended to be used on tablet in the point of sale to enhance the sellers role.


The bleam offers a new way to consider the creation and use of packaging and answers to economic and environmental issues. The packaging becomes interactive and augmented: it gives the right information at the good moment and in a reduced time to reassure the customers and accompany them to the buying act.

The areas of development for Extel pioneer in using the bleam: use the bleam as a visual shortcut (pictogram) to support material for sales such as tutorial video, instructions but also the purchase of accessories related to the product.

Finally, a direct and secure relationship between the brand and the customer…

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